Project Boost: Drone Intruder, first level

Here’s my first level for project boost.
Built the level with Asset Forge and then imported it in. Could have done it in Unity as almost everything here is a cube, but wanted to save some time.

Added an invisible roof to the outdoors area so that the player couldn’t just fly off, also changed my particle effects since my “rocket” is actually a drone and it’s generally not a good thing to have fire shooting out of a drone.

It’s a difficult first level so I’m thinking of adding a health system later on. Also some way to make it clearer that the table is the landing area. Lastly I want to fix up the audio, as the recording of my fan that I used for the thrust sound has a really loud pop when it cuts off.


Nice job with your first level! I think a a health system would be beneficial for the type of game you are making.

Unless… (I’ll let anyone finish that sentence.)

Nice take on project boost, your level looks great, maybe a little hard to be the first level, and yes, I totally agree, the table does need something to make it clear that’s where the player needs to go.

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