Project Boost complete - What do you think? :)

Hey all,

i just completed the Project Boost Project. Please try if you can complete alle 5 levels (+1 tutorial) :grinning:

Please try it out:

I think the webGL build is a little bit to dark. What do you think?



Nicely done! :ok_hand:

Nice thouch on the tutorial arrow! I came to level 5.

A few thoughts:

Good music, also cool that it fades a bit when the explosion triggers (and I had alot of them haha)

The ship itself is a bit dark to see sometimes.
The thrust is a bit too high for me personally.
I would switch level 2 and 3. It took several tries to get past lvl 2.
Is it possible to have a restart at the lost level instead of the whole game? :wink:

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hey! thank you very much for your feedback and your ideas. I will implement them for sure!

Nice job!

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Cool, but the thurst seems far too intense, and the left and right rotations just seems sluggish at best. Still very cool!

Thanks for the feedback. I figuerd out, that i forgot to add the time.deltatime to my main thrust. :confused: sorry!
I added this and made some changes to the light and the material of the rocket and the light. Also i tweaked the rcs thruster and the order of the level (level 2 <-> 3)

Here is Version two:

thanks for your help again!

I like the music and the feel of the rotation and the thrust in the most recent upload. However, I would have like to keep the skip level feature for play testing purposes. But thats because I get annoyed quickly at re-doing the early levels when I keep failing the later ones :).

Also the music was a bit loud for my liking. It was more β€œin your face” than ambient background music.

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Thanks a lot for your honest feedback!

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