Project Boost Challenge: Spacegame

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A / E to steer
SPACE to thrust

Thanks to for the great course so far. And especially to Rick for all the good and fun lessons.
I’ve joined the challenge and made two levels! The WebGL build looks very different from the ‘normal’ export on my PC, that was a little disappointing.
I’ve also spend some time in Blender and Krita to make the backrounds, to model the ship and paint the textures. The ambience/sfx are made in FL.

What i learned and did through this lecture;

  • Detect collision so that ‘things can happen’
  • Implement a dev-console and program ‘cheat codes’ into the game
  • Insert life into a scene with music, sfx and particle effects
  • Change scenes so that the player can progress through something

What i didnt manage to do;

  • Actual gameplay or something engaging to do
  • To tell any kind of story or something that a player would be interested to spend more time with
  • Organizing my project in a smart way, as it got very messy in the end

Im looking forward to the next lecture! And hope you all can enjoy my little spacegame.

Best Regards


Great looking assets!

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For level design I think you can make it clearer which objects I can collide with and make the landing pad a bit more obvious or colorful. Some particles for an explosion to really show that you crashed would be good too. Great job with the spaceship model and backgrounds as well as the sounds effects.

I have a suggestion for more organization, 2 similar things you can do:

  1. Once you have an idea for your game id create folders, you know you need, you create a scripts folder, same could go with models, prefabs, materials, textures, skyboxes…Even the stuff that’s in you game, folder for enemies, environment, cameras. Also within each folder there are sub folders, so within prefabs, there could be enemy prefabs,tree prefabs…

  2. The approach that I take is to not start with folders, but as I create stuff, I require that I put it into a folder,once I create a player movement script, I create a scripts folder and put that in, then each time I create a script I put it into that folder. This approach means that you create folders as you go and make sure everything has a folder, if it doesn’t then create one, folders could be for:
    Particle effects
    Animation related
    Or anything you can come up with(I just listed sone popular ones

Theres also organization videos that can help you out, once you’re organized, it helps a lot.

There’s a perfect course that does just that:

This goes over the “fun” stuff with many things such as music and particle effects

In case you have the rpg course they have a section about design and how to come up with a good game

Hope this helps!

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Very cool look and feel! That ship is awesome. The light gravity makes the feel of it cool and adds a challenge. Great work, a lot of fun to play.

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