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My rocket was way too ‘dodgy’ using Unity primitives, so I decided to model something in Blender (2.8)… one. Week. Later… (very sidetracked), I came up with this very basic (and cheat textured without UV unwrapping), model. However, when I export the FBX from Blender and import to Unity, all I see is the diffuse white version - no textures. Can someone please advise how to get the complete model, textures and all, into Unity, (or point me to a tute)?


Import your fbx into Unity. Create your materials in Unity and assign them to your rocket in the Import Settings. Of course, you’ll also have to import the textures into Unity and assign them to the material. This way, you can ensure that your material is definitely working. If you did some fancy stuff in Blender, it might be that it is not supported by Unity. If you cannot recreate the effect, you could bake the texture, which requires UV unwrapping.

Your rocket looks really beautiful. I’d suggest to invest some time to make everything right instead of aiming for a fast result.

Thanks Nina. I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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