Project Boost - AKA gravity power!

I’ve enjoyed learning C#. Some elements I still find confusing, but the more i do the better I’ll hopefully get. Great course, can’t wait to do more. VR engineer, here I come!


Please let me know what you think.

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Nice job! The light emitted from the rocket is very handy to detect obstacles in the dark, especially in the last level. It’s a good idea; I think I’ll do that in my own as well =)

If you’re open to a few small ideas for extensions, I did notice that when the rocket crashes, it just falls down like a Hot Wheels car that missed its jump. Maybe you could disable (make invisible/inactive) it instead and generate a few debris objects in its place, which would fall down with gravity. It probably wouldn’t take much to give each one some random initial forces as well, causing them to scatter about like an explosion. That would go very nicely with the particle effect!

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes I had wonder about hiding the rocket on impact, i will give it a try. I’m trying to add a Game Over screen at them moment without much luck. I’ll post update hopefully soon.

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