Project Boost: a.k.a. ROCKET 67 come in

ROCKET 67 Come in!

So I may have taking the project too far. But I was excited to learn, and create! I hope people have fun!

I can’t express how much I am enjoying GameDev classes! thanks for the hard work!

I forgot to post that I also made some old style cover art! Hope everyone digs!

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I loved your use of assets, and the background story was fun, especially the excuse for all the rocket exploding. :sweat_smile:

FYI, I get motion sick, so the levels that had stars in space rotating in the background made me uncomfortable (and that rotating planetoid too), especially the instructional opening screen. It looks cool, but it makes me dizzy and I have to look away from the screen. Maybe slowing that rotation down a bunch would help people like me, but it would have to be almost stopped to make it comfortable for me. :confused:

Thank you for keeping the “l” key for incrementing the level. Most of them were way too hard for me, but least I could press “l” and see all the cool, detailed levels. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey thanks so much for trying it, and giving some feedback!

I for sure wanted some of it to feel a little disorienting, but not off putting! I will go back in and think about that. Slowing it down would not make it look less cool, nor would it be bad to think about people who would have issues with motion. I also have some flashing scenes. Nothing crazy, but I for sure didn’t think about a little blurb for motion and flashing!

Check points will be added (as soon as I figure it out properly) soon.

Again, I appreciate it!

@DugMcUgly Great game. Really good use of scale and textures. Also liked how you creatively displayed your level names :smiley:

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