Hello there!!

Im at section 2, lecture 38 & I was told to do some Objects that have 1-2 parts:)

Those are my Objects I did in this lecture, & I want to know if you guys have any tipps for me to make my models look more realistic (not with details, I mean with the curves etc. (for example my chair looks not like a chair in realife at all!) or if you did the same ones, how you created them. I am actually pretty happy with my apple… but my mug looks somehow strange & I don’t know how to create a better one. I started off with a circle, pressed “f” to fill it. the “e” & gave it some height. then i continued to press “e” -> “s” -> pull it up, “e” -> “s” -> pull it up, etc. By pressing “e” & “r” I tried to do the hold-thing…

Those should be my objects:
1.) Picture -> Chair
2.) Picture -> Apple
3.) Picture -> Botlle
4.) Picture -> Mug

Thank you for your feedback!


Great beginning.

My best tip : follow the entire course :wink: but if you have questions during your progress, just ask and we will help you.

(for your mug, you can add thickness => modifier Solidify)


Has to agree with Aapef, following the course will give you a very strong foundation for Blender and its various tools. The Bowling section will introduce you a bit to curves and the lamp section has more information.

I think it’s cool to show your work in the beginning, learn a bit more through the course work, then go back update your beginning models. Sort of before and after sort of thing. You will be amazed at how far you have progressed!

Thank you for all the nice comments:) I will definitely update them when im finished after the workshop:D

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i like your apple :slight_smile:

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