Progress update on my Sumo


Wow, great model. really a sumo-type.
But that said, I think the bumps on the arm are too much and don’t fit the overall character you’ve created.
It’s not an Orc anymore. But artistic freedom!
Well done, beautiful sculpt.

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I’m actually thinking I can blend that ‘rock arm’ in quite nicely when it comes time to paint. The shackle though I might remove if I don’t feel it’s adding any value for this character.

I’ve got a backup of the body before working on the arm so may have two finals in the end - we’ll see what happens!


You’ve done a great job as he’s really looking good.

I happen to agree with @FedPete about the bumps on his arm and back, though maybe “softer” looking bumps might work. Right now they’re very distinctive, which a sumo wrestler wouldn’t have.

BTW, I’m liking the way you did his fists, with his other fingers not wrapped around his thumbs, which is how I’ve seen it being done by others. To me this seems a more natural hand pose.


Awesome work

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Great different SumoOrc.