Programs to capture video samples?

I’d love to hear from other students of the course how you make your videos to share here. I’ve tried several video-capture programs in the last few days and encountered several problems: some don’t save to mp4, some don’t provide a way to trim the beginning and end of the video, some don’t allow recording in just one area, and some – after I’ve recorded – leave me with a bewildering UI and no idea even how to view the video I just captured. Maybe I need two or three applications? What do you guys do? Many thanks! —Ken

Not exactly video, but it’s the best screen capture I’ve found. I run a game dev group out in East Tennessee and all of us use it. It’s great for sharing footage on social media and if you upload to Giphy, you can pretty much share anywhere, even places that don’t support video upload or linking. The editor is also super easy to use. You can up the framerate capture to the point that it’s functionally a video. Cutting is intuitive and you have frame-by-frame control of the content of your file. I use the free version, the difference seeming to be a small watermark in the bottom right corner, which isn’t a huge deal.

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Thanks, Gerald! I tried it and got my GIF recorded and trimmed it down to under Giphy’s size limit, but it won’t upload. So it’s back to the hunt for a solution. By the way, I’m in East Tennessee, too! :slight_smile:

Very nice! Whereabouts? (I’m Johnson City area)

I live in Farragut, which is just west of Knoxville.

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I use OBS. It’s free, has a bit of a learning curve, but records high-quality video and outputs it as a usable format.

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Thanks, Nick! I tried OBS one day last week, recorded, and then had no idea how to access in OBS what I recorded. I guess you need a separate editor to trim beginning and end?

If “OBS” seems confusing, you can try “Stream Labs”, it does the same thing as OBS but it’s much simpler and more modern.

If you need to compress video, try the “HandBrake” program.
Compress many video formats without losing quality.

If you want to share your creations you can record video in twitch (activating the option to leave the retransmission saved) and youtube is also a good option to store videos permanently.

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Thanks, Abuelitovip! I’ll give these all a try.