Procedural texturing


Hi, the textures of the white squares looks amazing! What type of texture is it? :o

Thanks! I was going for a white/gray marble texture. Up close it also resembles a parched desert riverbed. It’s certainly going in my collection of custom textures.
The texture is clouds with some modifiers.
You’ll see 3 buttons: Texture, Material and Both - Choose “Both”

Clouds: Grayscale
Noise: Hard
Basis: Voronoi Crackle: Size 0.25; Nabla 0.1; Depth 8
Geometry: Normal 0.1

Mapping - Coordinates: Generated; Projection: Flat; Size(X,Y,Z) 10,10,5

Influence: Color 1.0
Specular: Intensity 1.0; Normal 0.1
Blend: Mix; Negative; RGB to Intensity (white)
Bump Mapping: Method: Low Quality; Space: ObjectSpace


Thank you very much!! I’ll definitely improve my textures :smiley:

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