Procedural Flame! .. And a Rocket

I managed to create a flame procedurally!

As you can see, the flame is just a plane lol

And what If I told you it can be animated too?!

I’m still organizing the nodes but i’m pretty sure I can make most kinds of flames with some tweaks :smiley:

Here is what I have so far:


Made another one…


And… Another one

Jet Flame Lighter



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It looks so amazing, capa!!! Absolutly well done :slight_smile: I wish I could understand it… Did you invent the technique by yourself? Or did you get inspired by a helpful video? The nodetree is very complex and for me too difficult…

With your flame technique you can make awesome scenes… And I like the atmosphere and mood of your small still lifes.

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Thanks Jada!

Yes made it myself! Another happy accident while experimenting.

Well it’s not really THAT complex…
Its not much different than your cloth if you look closely and I’m pretty sure that if you try to replicate you’ll understand in no time.
The major difference is that mix rgb node there where the magic happens.

Also since the Texture Coordinate is using Object it depends on the transformation of the object, so if you apply transformation of the object you’ll need to change some Mapping values

And forgot to mention, but for the candle and the jet fire I use a slightly different node setup which i also have a copy of the “flame” group with changed location and scale and I mix with the other “flame” group before mixing with the noise.

Maybe it will be simpler if I post a file with the planes lol

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Congrats! That´s a really happy accident! :slight_smile:

Hope so, I will try it. :):relaxed:

That would be very helpful, if you can afford the time for making a plan. :slight_smile:

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