Problems with ue4 compilation and build

Hello, I have an issue with the Bull cow game. When I tried to install it in unreal engine 4.26.1, it said if I want to rebuild it for a newer versionobrazek .
That’s ok so I said yes. But then, an error message appeared:obrazek .
I tried to downgrade the engine to 4.22.3. And voila - it worked. But then after some time, I realized that I can’t compile shaders. Whenever I tried to do it ran endlessly and never been completed. Build the game also hasn’t worked. It always stucked. At least compiling worked. Since - NOW.

The last error is maybe because I’m changing the version of the project between 4.22.3 and 4.26.1 very often but what can i do? New version isnt working and the old one works but cannot build, compile, anything.

Now I found out another problem.

I know it is not fully in English but it says that there are errors and I should update includePath
Also it says that the file cannot be opened. :frowning:

There are more and more errors :sob:

Hi Mimrix,
just curious but is it the Bull Cows only that you are having a problem with?
Is this your first C++ Unreal Project? if so, can you perhaps try creating one using something like the Third Party Game Template for C++ and see if that works.

Have you installed Visual Studio Community following the instructions in the lecture? It’s very important that all required modules are installed, even if you want to use Visual Studio Code as your editor.

Hello, yes it is my first c++ project. And i think I also have instaled everything i need, but is possible i missed something

Do I need IDE extension?

Also , do i need this

(Sorry it is not in english.)

Ahhh, I just tried to download another project to test if it will work, and it isn’t. The shaders aren’t compiling and the build doesn’t work here too, what I’m supposed to do?

The first warning in that is due to you having installed IcrediBuild which is not free software which is why it’s talking about a license as you haven’t bought it. I would suggest you just uninstall it.

The second message from the compiler seems to be that it failed because you have non-English characters in the path to your project which Unreal doesn’t like.
You should move it elsewhere.

Hello thanks for advice, I uninstalled Incredibuild and compiling + building now works but it now shows this:

Is it an important error?

Not really you can just ignore it, otherwise if you go into volumes (visible in your screenshot on the left) and look for lightmass volume you can drag and drop it into the world and then building the lighting it should be resolved.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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