Problems with the y x z

Uff, it’s really hard to work on the project again without a holiday :sweat_smile:

If I want to move objects I have to hold g and click one of the three keys (zyx). For example, if I use g + z (i.e. up), the object doesn’t pull up but twists slightly.
I accidentally activated something by deactivating the normal focus, so far I still have the global alignment. :thinking:

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All that probably happened is you tapped Z twice and accessed the local coordinates. Each time you tap the axis letter it toggles local and global.

If you apply the rotation, Object mode, Ctrl A, Rotation. The local axis will be removed so the object only has the global axis to use.


I have seen that the alignment in object mode and in edit mode are different. I apparently set it to “normal” in object mode and it doesn’t work in edit mode.
But thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


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