Problems with the platform


recently I got a problem with your platform. When a video ends, it doesn’t go to the next, but it stops. If I manually hit on the next video or on any other video, nothing happens. The only thing I can do is to close the page, open a new one go on and reselect the course and the lesson.
I’m experiencing this on Chrome, Brave and Edge.
I tried the other learning platform on which you post your courses and with Chrome when a lesson finishes, it normally moves to the next one.
If I access from mobile I don’t have this issue. I’ll check if I get it from another PC and I’ll let you know.

Edit: actually the problem is caused by the VPN and I don’t know why on mobile I have no problem and on PC instead it gives this problem. The fact is that often I study in public places and I have to connect to public networks. Probably I will try to hotspot with my mobile and connect to it.

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