Problems with sourcetree: new scripts, pulling issues

I spent quite a lot of time creating empty repositories to understand how sourcetree sent them to github. In doing so, I found some instabilities with the latest version. I’ve already posted the issues there but I can’t put screenshots there. I’m posting here in case these are common harmless issues so anyone else can advise what they have done.

1 - I start by sending a completely empty Unity project.
2 - I add an empty script to test and sometimes, the empty script cannot be detected at all. Obviously since there’s only 1 file, I have to select staging the file. The will be filled with the new file because I will know which to push.
3 - I had to uninstall, delete all files from the system areas, then reinstall. After doing so, I now find that the new script files can be detected. However, it’s not working well still. I deliberately misspell my variable names. Upon trying to pull it back or delete the branch, which I call master2, it just doesn’t work at all. Removing it from the can be done, but sourcetree just cannot handle it ONLY from it’s own app.

Can someone tell me if they had these problems too? Let me know if you need the screenshots.

I found the answer in stackoverflow. However, it is not properly solved.

I’m glad you found the answer. Please feel free to link it so other people can benefit from your thread as well. :slight_smile:

Hi to everyone,
If anyone knows how to use branching & merging, I need help. Bear in mind that I already know branching well but want the rules of both. I found my answer in

In my case, all I did was create a dummy project & played around with the branching until I was confused & wasn’t sure what I was doing.

Update: I’m inserting the screenshot of what I did earlier. I suppose someone in this community should know how to use sourcetree.

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