Problems with Mayan Pyramid Inset for Stairs

At the moment, I’m trying to do the challenge of the Lecture #29, and I’m having problems to make an inset on top of another. What happens is that when I left click to create the new inset, it doesn’t create it. I have an extremely high interest in finishing this challenge, as is usual that the next lecture continues from the previous’ lecture challenge. I tried to do it by myself at first, and then tried to follow along with Mike and it wasn’t working.

The lecture was done with Blender 2.74, and I have Blender 2.79. Does the difference of version mean that I have to do it in a different way? And if not, does anyone know what could I do to have the insets for the stairs as in Lecture 29?

Thanks in advance, peace for y’all. =D

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