Problems with duplicate faces - maybe?

I’m having some problems with the UV unwrapping where somewhere along the line I’ve either duplicated or shifted some faces without realising it. I think the problem is that I don’t maybe know what I’m doing when extruding or creating new lines, and they’ve become a bit of a problem down the road. Is there a way to merge duplicate faces the same way there is with vertices? My UV maps are looking a bit weird with long, thin faces stretched in odd shapes.
I have kept an earlier version of the model so I can try the remesh path instead of the manual retopology I did for this, but it would be great if I know how to fix this sort of thing.


Oho! Removed 5480 vertices! Problem solved, I hope!


Wow that was a lot!


I think maybe going over basic vertex creation might be an idea :wink:


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