Problems with Coin sound pickup look weird

Hello everyone, I got some issue on the coin sounds pickup, really strange. I set up the project as Rick did using cinemachine satedriven camera but make it more closer to player, like 5,5.
So if my player walking or jumping from right to left and from left to right and pick up coin let’s say from left corner of the level or from right corner the sound start to crackle badly and not play correctly. If I disable the brain of the cinemachine camera the sounds appear to work correctly centered on the screen. What can be the issue ??? Seems no one reported it before. BTW I check only collision on my player body and disabled already all the others collisions.
Edit Seems I understand the problem in that, offcurse the audiosource play sound based on the distance of the camera in Z and in the position of the audiosource compared to the center of the camera. In this case as we confined the camera around a box the sounds never appears to coming from the center of the screen at the left or right side of the map, so my solution was just to enlarge the box container so that my player seems always centered while moving on the right far or left far corner and set back the camera listener to active and remove all the others fix the crackle sound too. :slight_smile:

Hi Patrizio,

Does that mean you fixed the issue?

Hello Nina, sounds like I fixed it with this workaround, not really a fix :slight_smile:

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