Problems to find the course

Hi! I am trying find the Automate Blender with Python on Udemy with no success… the course I off for new students?

Should be here.

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When I click on this link I am redirected to: with a lot of different suggestions… and this is one of the suggestions. When I try search by typing the name of the course, it is listed on the search’s suggestions… but when I confirm the search, only python courses and no one Blender Python (with the blender monkey with the blueprint background)… I don’t know what’s happend…

@ben Any ideas?

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The course does not seem to be listed under Ben or Michael’s profiles either.

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This was discussed today as it happens, and I was planning on dropping back in on this topic to update João, so thank you for your additional comments which brought it back to my attention.

Ben is speaking with Udemy tomorrow and will chase them with regards to the course being moved back to the marketplace, following an error on their part. Expected eta is the end of this week.

@jpgaelzer - Ben has asked me ensure that you are aware of the course scope so that your expectations are both set and met by this course. The course was fulfilling a stretch goal for the Complete Blender Creator Course Kickstarter, as such it is considered to be a primer and will be unlikely match the scale of the Complete Unity Developer or Complete Blender Creator courses in the near future.

I hope this information is of use. :slight_smile:

Updated Mon Mar 27 2017 21:23

@jpgaelzer / @Marc_Carlyon / @Anthony_Juarez - It has been returned to the marketplace, the course can now be found here;



This course is not anymore available.

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