Problems, not sure what I did wrong

So I’m sure it’s something I did wrong. but each time i try to add a bone constraint. when i connect the control bone my armature moves. and when I try to move that bone the whole thing twist on the y axe.


It sounds like you may have accidentally added a bone constraint that is causing your armature to move in unexpected ways. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

Check the constraint settings: Select the bone that is causing the issue and look at the bone constraints in the Properties panel. Make sure the settings are correct for the type of constraint you are using.

Check the parent-child relationship: Make sure that the bone you are adding the constraint to is properly connected to the rest of the armature. If the bone is not properly connected, it may cause unexpected movements.

Check the weight painting: It’s possible that the weight painting on your armature is causing unexpected movements. Select the armature and go into weight paint mode to check if the weight is evenly distributed or if there are any areas with high or low weights that could be causing issues.

Check for keyframes: If you have keyframes set for any bones in your armature, it’s possible that they are causing unexpected movements. Check the timeline to see if any keyframes are set, and adjust them as needed.

If none of these steps help resolve the issue, you may need to provide more details about your armature and the specific bone constraints you are using so that a more specific solution can be offered.

Hope this helps!


To help we need to see what is happening. Others may spot something in a panel that is set wrongly or notice something odd in the geometry for example.

General Q&A note
Help us all to help you.
Please give FULL screenshots with any questions. With the relevant panels open.
Also, include the lecture time and name/number that is relevant to the problem/issue.
The screenshot can be done by Blender itself, via the ‘Window’ menu bar top left hand side.
On that menu drop down is ‘save screenshot’.
Close ups additionally where they help.

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A bone does have a local ax as a world ax to rotate onto. Check which one you are using.
Also there a roll option to correct this kind of behaviour.

But as NP5 said, show a screendump.

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