Problem with Unreal - Class not found

I got a problem since the first project, and now i got the smae here for toontanks…
Explaination :
When i save my unreal project for the day and going to sleep, i open the project the day after, and i got errors like if a class is missing… and there are some things dont work in the project. For example here i dont the tank appears anymore:

See the logs :

And it appears that the Health component is not available as yesterday on the BP_PawnTank view:

I got a similar thing with the first project of the course, the obstacle project (like FallGuys), when i reopen the project, all my actors dont move or sweep anymore… I dont really know what is the problem cause i followed the course perfectly…

Please can you help me to solve it ?

I tried to restart visual studio code and unreal many times and finally it works, i dont know by which miracle… its very strange and random !

But, I got the persistant problem with the Obstacle assault project, and that didnt fix it, so i need a help to understand and fix it.

Have you seen the Live Coding Issues lecture? You need to build from VS Code with Unreal closed before you reopen the project.

If you’re already doing that you’re probably using the wrong task, be sure to use the editor version.

Ok, so the problem should come from the editor version ?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. I’m saying that in order to build your code from VS Code you need to use the editor version of the task i.e. ProjectNameEditor Win64 Development Build.

If you used a different task then that is building something else and not what Unreal will be loading when you open the project.

Oh ok i understand now, yes i use the editor one :slight_smile: (with ctrl+shift+B)

Would you mind showing the output?

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