Problem with To Sphere

Using an Icosphere, I’ve selected six faces and inset them to make smaller faces. Then I used Edge Loop to select the edges (see screenshot). Finally, I’ve used Subdivide to make more edges along the loop in preparation to use To Sphere.

However, when I use To Sphere, the active edge seems to become larger (as if it’s the size of the edge before the Subdivide). So, my sphere is completely wonky.

Hopefully the images help explain the issue. To clarify, I’ve closed and reopened Blender twice (and I even discarded the original .blend file and started over once). Same result. So am I doing something wrong when I use Subdivide? Or am I using To Sphere incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Solved it! I had my Pivot Point set to Active Element (the currently selected edge). By switching back to use Median Point (the default), the To Sphere function works as expected.

I hope this helps someone.


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