Problem with Reverse Commits

I am working on reversing some commits I made. Earlier in the course I made a couple extra branches one with a red hammer then one with a set of black stairs.

I tried following to commit and merge the two together just as it worked with the snowman scene. However now they will not commit correctly and when I thought I successfully merged everything together, it looks like I lost all the work and everything is empty in al scenes.
Here is an image of my current SourceTree.

Here is what my unity project now looks like in all three scenes. I tried to delete the Hammer and Staircase scenes before the merge attempts to remove them as I wasn’t thinking I would want them. But decided to keep just in case.
But when I tried to delete the branches from source tree, I end up with the following error:

I tested…somehow the hammer branch now deleted but the staircase is still giving the error above. It was the same with the Hammer branch before the commit.

If anyone has any tips or helpful advice on how I can save this, please reach out!

Ended up starting over with a fresh scene in the repo. I will make sure to go step by step more carefully and see what I did wrong and how to avoid the mistakes again.

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