Problem with rendering

Not sure if I can get an answer here but I am completeing the course and I am trying to render the 3d rabbit scene. and I keep getting same error message.
CuDA error at cuCtxcreate. Launch failed.
Here is the thing I just upgraded graphics card from Nvidia GTX 1060 to Nvidia GTX 1080. My have 16 gb ram and running windows 10. So I dont think it is graphics card issue or an issue with my system. I am going to update the ram to 32GB from 16 when the ram arrives.
render seetings are at 1920px by 1080px, 50%, samples is only set atrender 66 preview32, tiles are at 64.
One other piece of info is it would render when I had the Nvidia 1060 it is only now that i upgraded to to 1080 is i get this message.
Cuda is enabled.

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