Problem with previewing the brick texture in Blender 3.6

So I did not get that beautiful preview for my brick texture that was shown in the video. I am using Blender 3.6 and here is my preview:

The same thing happens in 4.1 alpha. I could not test this with 3.5 because it crashes when I open the file and I do not have time to recreate the material in that version.
The render of the material seems fine, that looks much better.
That would cool if anyone can give some advice how can i preview this material better in Blender 3.6 and above.


OK I think partially I found the source of the problem. I got the denoise on for preview and that caused some of my problems. There are 3 types of denoise automatic, optix and openimagedenoiser. The first 2 caused the weird apearance. The 3rd one is looking very good, but that takes a lot of CPU. If I turned off the denoiser the texture looked better, but obviously it was noisy.


uses a different .blend file format, this in preparation to coming Blender 4.0


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