Problem with PlayerControllerRef->GetHitResultUnderCursor

My problem is that PlayerControllerRef->GetHitResultUnderCursor() Makes HitResult.Impactpoint
(0,0,0) even tho my mouse isnt there. I know that its the GetHitResultUnderCursor() becuse even if i change the value of the HitResult.Impactpoint.X to lets say 300, when at the end i print it out its 0. Kinda complicated to explain, attaching screenshots.

Just to be sure it’s running that code could you change it to use the actor’s location for the debug sphere?

Ill try.

After a restart it now works for god knows why. Thx tho.

Its busted again. It works with the actors location. Some other ideas? Im desperate:(

GetMouseLocation() Doesnt work either. it always outputs the same thing, even if i move my mouse.

Found the problem. Im using Parsec to connect to my pc and it does something with the mouse input and confuses the engine so it deoesnt know where it is. Works fine when using the pc natively without remote connection. solved it buy plugging an old mouse into the pc now works with parsec aswell.

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