Problem with NavMesh baking on tops of hills

Hi there!

I was attempting to bake my NavMesh with the Min Region area applied as shown by Rick, however the tops of buildings and mountains are still walkable even on extremely high numbers. I fixed the building problem from another comment by selecting Object in the navigation tab, but the same way of fixing used for the terrain removes all walkable area, so not really an option. Any help would be great, thanks!

It’s a common issue, if the tops of the buildings themselves are relatively flat, then they’ll get tagged as walkable (though you can’t actually get to them, as the navigation node will be unreachable. We can usually still eliminate these areas, though.

Select the building, then on the Navigation window, select the Object pane. Change the navigation area style from Walkable to Not Walkable.

Thank you! I did actually manage to use that same solution (from a similar ask) but unfortunately the high points of the terrain still have walk able areas where they should not. And I can’t change the tag to unwalkable because them the whole terrain can’t be walked on

Not a lot you can do about those. Just make sure that those areas never connect with the main walkable area and there shouldn’t be an issue.

Alright, thank you!

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