Problem with my PPI

Hi , i hope you can help me …
I chose a sprite background of size 2048x1365.
My camera size is 6.
The aspect ratio is 4:3.
This is the math i did to claculate the PPU for that sprite:

As rick says i multiply my camera size by two to get my camera height and got 12.

Then I divided the height of the sprite by the height of the camera to get PPU and got
113.75 PPU.

Then I set the sprite PPU to 113.75 and the sprite size is still way smaller than the camera…

i hope you can understand me …
thank you …

First of all, the aspect ratio of your background image isn’t 4:3. I’d start by getting it 4:3 by cropping/resizing etc. Here’s a hand page to figure some possible sizes.

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