Problem with mixamo...or possibly blender....i don't know

After importing 4 animations simultaneously into blender as you do in the tutorial, I get to action editor (2.9) and I’m sorta stumped…I scroll through all the actions and they are identical to the undeleted one.
Starting to try to figure out how to import them one at a time or into separate files altogether. I love the idea of using mixamo though for standard movements. Great time saver.

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Ok i figured it out…2.9 is glitchy. Got it working but now it raises another question:
How do i adjust individual number of frames for each action? Does Blender adjust this automatically when i import this into Unity or Unreal? or do the game engines do the heavy lifting there?

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You can use the dope sheet.
Or if the NLA action editor is involved, you need to do this partly in the NLA editor.
And Blender has a function to make the complete timeline slower/faster (but I forgot how - something like remap timeframe …?)

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well it glitched back to all animations showing up in one. I’m just gonna have to make individual animation files for each. Not switching animations in action editor. This seems to be a 2.9 problem.


Sometimes the .blend file is corrupted!

Open a new one and Apply stuff from the old file.

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I think i figured out the problem. In 2.9 you have to select the armature when your in action editor to change animations. thanks for the words of wisdom tho.


Thanks for the info. I was having the same problem with Blender 4 and this solved it for me.

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