Problem with lighting

Hi everyone,
looks like my lighting is gone, I guess I activated an option somewhere… I cannot reverse it for some reason. I am having this problem on any viewport
Any idea why?


This looks more like Blender, did you ask there. I am rusty but someone may remember.

oh… yea, sorry I am on the wrong course…

Show full screenshots please with relevant panels open.

Very odd to be lit not where the light is.

Are there other lights?

Point light is not much good for big areas, outdoors, change to a sun light.


I tried to add a sun light, delete all lights…seems it doesn’t change anything.
I don’t get where this light on the right is coming from.

By chance, I saved a copy my file no long before it happened, so I could remake very thing. But I was curious if anyone has ever seen that…

Ah you are on a Mac. It is quite possibly a display glitch. It seems so odd. Amd graphics have occasional issues. You might want to research those problems. I know not that long ago going back a driver solved some glitches but computer tech is not an area I can help with, doubly so Macs!

Can you try the file of a proper windows pc?

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I don’t have access to a PC right now.
It’s good to know though, I should make more copies if this happens again…

Anyhow, if you want to try on your side, here is the file:

Thanks for your help!

Same here.

Turn off Auto smooth, in Object Data properties, Normals.

Seems to fix it. Trying to auto smooth a purely flat faced object seems to have confused the light out of the scene!

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Yes, it worked!
thank you for your help!
here is a screenshot of the auto smooth, if anyone is looking for it:

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Good :grinning:

Oh and you will have problems with that slope top.

I made the adjustments shown in this screenshot that you could copy.

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Alright, ok I got it!


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