Problem with bones

So, I was doing the lesson and noticed that the bones were floating above and assumed I had done something in error. I then moved the origin and reset their position so it’s at 0 like in the video.

Like this
But then:

This happens when I parent the body and the bones, now the body is where the bones were before I corrected their position?


Let’s clean things up.

  1. Select the Armature. Press alt+p to any parent. Ctrl+tab into pose mode. Press A to select all. Alt+g to clear location. Alt+r to clear rotation. Alt+s to clear scale. Ctrl+tab back to object mode. Ctrl+a->all transforms.
  2. Select the mesh. Alt+p to clear parent. Ctrl+a->all transforms. On modifiers tab of properties editor, remove all armature modifiers. On constraints tab of properties editor, remove any child of constraints. On mesh/data tab of properties editor, on vertex group panel click drop down on right hand side and select remove all groups.
    Now let’s create the parenting. Select mesh, shift+select armature, and press Ctrl+p->automatic weights.

Here’s the result, basically after I cleared the location the armature dropped like that, did I do something weird when making it or what is this lol

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Object Mode. Right click on the armature, Select Set Origin, Geometry to Origin.
Should be back in the centre then and you can Crtl P auto weights.

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Duh, now it works! I’m pretty sure I did try that before… who knows


My guess is when you where adjusting the bones to the origin you where probably in pose mode instead of edit mode or you had some adjustment in pose mode then adjusted your origin.


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