Problem with AI Character to listen noise

I am making an stealth game where I am using PawnSence component for AI. I made two funtions one for seeing and one for hearing. Seeing functionality works fine but hearing function doesn`t executes.

AI guard functions binded to Seeing and listening.

Character has a PawnNoiseEmmiterComponent

And in blueprints, character is making noise (double checked that via print statement for noise emitter)

Blue circle does get drawn but red doesnt, even debug statemet doesnt prints. Unable to figureout why?

Did you add the listening functionality after you already made the blueprint?

Yes I did, by the way it got solved by deleting and recreating the Guard Blueprint from cpp, got help from discord…

could you able to share the discord room that you got help from? im still stuck on my behaviour tree problem and would like all the help i can get… Official (

thank you!

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