Problem when remeshing

I dont know what i did wrong but when i try to remesh as the video shows i get this result

But if i first add and apply a solidify modifier then it works why is this happening?

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The most common case is that you have a hole somewhere in your mesh data.

If you did use a mirror modifier. Be sure you have clipping on!
And check to fix the hole(s) introduced on the mirror ax!

Another option is to activate the “3D Print” plug-in, using the Blender preferences, add-ons section. By default, this is turned off. When turn on, the “3D Print” panel has an option “Make manifold”, which finds holes in your mech and will close them.
3D printable objects can not have holes. It makes the object unprintable.

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ok i found the problem thanks to your reply, so basicaly because i made my orc to wear boots for optimazition purposes i cut where the boots cover the legs but because of that i had 2 giant holes, after i fixed the holes the remesh works.
Thank you so much


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