Problem: What is going on?

So, as far as I know this extra “X” was not in my model when I made the stairs into a ramp. I didn’t notice it for a bit, but it also wraps around the model and continues to the other side. I have tried dissolving those edges but it didn’t work, removing doubles, and so on but I cant figure out what caused this or how to fix it. Suggestions?

Did you try deleting the whole face and re-filling it with f? I don’t know what exactly is the problem but a possibility is you have multiple face stack on each other. That’s probably why you can’t dissolve them because it wouldn’t allow you to dissolve it or it would destroy the face. I hope this helped! :+1:

from what I can see in these screenshots, I suspect you may have created some internal geometry. try going into Edit Mode and clearing your selection. then switch to wireframe and navigate to Select—>Select All by Trait—>Interior Faces

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