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I have a little problem sometimes, I make holes in my characters.
When i made my ears it’s not very good and i deleted them, but I had a big hole. I tried to rebuilt faces but it wasn’t conclusing.
Maybe someone have a resource to help me to rebuilt correctly my characters.
(I’m sorry I’m french and I try to write in english without translator, I hope it’s readable)

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If you have a hole in your mesh, select the outline (hole border edges) and press f for a single face.

Then select two opposite vertices, each on the other side of the face.
Pressing j will add an edge and the single face is sliced into two faces.

If you repeat this with different two vertices, you will notice that additional vertices are added. This way you can rebuild your mesh and edge loops.

  • If you do destructive things, make a backup of your failed. Use the version number buttons near the file name field.
  • Increase the UNDO steps in your Blender preferences

Have fun!


As FedPete has said, fill the hole with a face, or several faces.
Then check the normals are all correct.
Then go back to sculpt mode and careful use of the dyntopo over the area will put in fresh small faces and let you rebuild.

Google translated of above.
Comme l’a dit FedPete, remplissez le trou avec un visage ou plusieurs visages.
Vérifiez ensuite que les normales sont toutes correctes.
Revenez ensuite en mode sculpture et une utilisation prudente du dyntopo sur la zone créera de nouveaux petits visages et vous permettra de reconstruire.


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