Problem publishing my game

Hi guys,
I have a problem with my game.
In my Godot environment it works but when I publish it on so my friends can play it doesn’t work.
I have added a start menu but it works for me? Can you guys help me.
I have created a video to explain my problem… I hope you can help me.

Problem when publishing my game in

Hi Antonio,

Honestly i am not sure whats happening here as it looks like its not loading the level scene when you switch from the menu when using a browser as it appears to do the same when you run it through godot to the browser.
The only thing i can suggest is that did you try it before adding the menu scene and have the main scene be the starting scene to see if it works from there?

Let me know on this and i will investigate to see if i can pin down a reason for this

Hi Marc,
Thanks for your answer but the problem is exactly the same. I tried it with the game as it was at the end of the course with the main scene loading as you suggested but nothing.
Let me know if you find the solution. If not it is not the end of the world. I just like to be able to share it with my friends.

Hi @Marc_Carlyon
I answer very quickly before.
I did tried to publish it loading the main scene without the menu but the issue was the same.
At least it is something that I have not done it without knowing.
I am still not very confident with my programming skills.
Thanks again for taking your time to help me.

Since you uploaded your project in the other topic you created, I decided to try a few things to see if I could figure it out, and I managed to get it mostly working.

Although nothing was rendering (except the weapon… which is not on the main camera), the objects were in fact loading correctly (I died to an invisible drone…). That made me suspect that the multiple cameras were the source of the problem, so I made the SubViewportContainer invisible as a test, and then the level loaded properly. The next thing I tried was to add layer 1 to the WeaponCamera’s cull mask since it seemed to me like this was the only actual active camera in the WebGL build, and sure enough, the build now works as intended. Unfortunately, it’s now without Bram’s clever solution to prevent weapons going through walls, but there are probably other ways to lessen that, like making the player capsule bigger or writing a check to push the weapon back if you’re close to a wall + facing it.

I’m happy to say you now have 3 options available to you:

  • Add Layer 1 to the cull mask of the WeaponCamera (total cull mask should have Layers 1 and 2 active so the WeaponCamera can see both of those layers) and export a WebGL build.
  • Export a downloadable Windows build as-is (I didn’t notice any problems).
  • Do both, since Itch allows both to be posted on the same page.

Nice job getting the project done! :+1:

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I will try both!
I have never exported in Windows format. This is an indication of how new I am with Godot. This my second course and I am still very lost. I used Mac computer.
I will try both options as soon as I can.
Thank you very much for taking your time with my issues.
I mange to implement the sound, starting menu and End Game menu.

Cheers - it was a learning experience for me as well, and I now have another extension (fix?) to add to my growing list for this project XD

To be fair, it’s not covered in the 2D or the 3D course, and you’re on a Mac =)

If you post the Itch link when your Windows build is available there, I’ll download it and let you know if you’ve managed it (since I have no idea if using a Mac will cause problems with that. It shouldn’t, but who knows).

A few suggestions on how to feel less lost doing these courses:

  • Comment your code and explain not just what it’s doing, but what problems it solves. There are parts of my own projects that are more comment than code, and this is fine!
  • Keep making these small extensions where you can, and challenge yourself. You will learn a lot by doing this, especially if you encounter problems and solve them.
  • Don’t be afraid to revisit videos and sections you’ve already done, now that you know more than you did when you first watched them. Just like watching a movie for the second time, you will pick up new details about the plot.
  • If you aren’t already, you might want to start making some notes. Just the process of writing out the explanations will help to build your understanding, but more importantly, it gives you a quick resource for 3 months later when you don’t remember the fine details anymore!
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