[Problem] Problem baking normal map

I follow all the steps but the normal map comes out flat.

What am I doing wrong?

It looks like from the screenshot that you are baking a smooth surface to a smooth surface a smooth surface like that of a service of a sphere Will give you a uniform normal map

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Yes, I did without smoothing too, but in the video, the image is all transparent, like in alpha, and the blue colour is only in the faces.
This is my result:

This is in the video:

Maybe the normal map works well, because it’s UV mapped, but don’t know if it’s the correct result.

Looks OK to me, and will work regardless

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@Michael_Bridges haven’t you used smooth shading too in lesson? I got the same image and when I reverted to the flat shading I got the same as @MonkeyLoko? Not a problem, but I would like to know why is this difference? Could it be the blender version?

If it is smooth, then the normal map will be different than the flat shaded one. There will also be difference in versions, and whether you are using Blender Render to Cycles.

My inicial result was the same as MonkeyLoko, and the final result still look wrong.

I follow this Youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0FwsMkWm0k
That method do not use a second Cube and worked in my case. Blender changed since 2.76 version and Baking now works differently?

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