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Hi All

I am in the Unreal Engine 5 Environment design course and am using Unreal Engine 5.2. I’m having a problem painting the landscape.

I have loaded the textures and created the landscape material. I can paint fine for a while, and then one of the quads goes missing. I can paint into the quad with other layers before it goes missing, and I’ve been able to paint with each of the various layers. As such, I don’t think it’s a problem with any specific layer.

Any idea what might be causing this and how it might be fixed?



EDIT: The problem apparently has to do with the following error message from the Output Log. I’m not sure what it means, exactly. Can anyone clarify what it means? I think I’ve specified too many layers and the shader can’t cope. I used 6 layers, but the course video used 3.

LogShaderCompilers: Warning: Failed to compile Material /Game/Material/landscape.landscape (MI:/Temp/Untitled_1.Untitled_1:PersistentLevel.Landscape_0.LandscapeMaterialInstanceConstant_136) for platform PCD3D_SM6, Default Material will be used in game.
Shader is using too many Samplers: 18 (only 16 supported)

One way to possibly fix this is to create a texture atlas and reference that for your layers.

The issue appears to be a hardware limitation, it’s interesting to note that the same limit exists in Unity as well. Or so it seems.

Googling that error suggests other possible solutions as well.

Many thanks, for your response. Much appreciated!

I’ll have to look up how to do a texture atlas. For now, I’ve gone to only 3 layers as in the course video, and not 6 as I’d attempted.

What might the hardware limitation be? I have a GTX 3090 and is is relatively high-end compared to many gamer systems, so would be surprised if this were the cause.

Are others in the class also experiencing this issue?

You’re the first to come across this, and unfortunately I don’t have any more information regarding the hardware aspect. Though I have a feeling it’s not a raw horsepower limitation.

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