Problem Locking Rotational Axis

Hi Michael,

I’m having trouble getting the lower arm bone to be restricted to a single rotation axis. I believe I followed the video correctly. In side view, select the stem bone, then extrude, and Shift+(x or y axis depending on the position of the lamp base; mine happens to rotate on the y axis). Afterward, in 3D view, the lower arm bone is able to rotate freely on both the x and y axis. It’s not locked to a rotational axis.

Perhaps I’m currently being confused by something that will be covered in a future lecture; however, I’m concerned that if I’ve not successfully gotten the lower arm bone to be locked to a rotational axis, that I’ll have a compounded problem later on.

What say you?


P.s. Excellent course, by the way.

Patience, young padowan. Review the lectures. You’ll figure it out.

I managed to figure out my issue.


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