Problem-convex hull issue?

So in lecture 50 when working on collide of meshes it all goes fine until I come to making my pin convex hull. Than my pin´s bottom becomes weird… Now I managed to do what is in the lesson because I can use the above edge and make its Z 0, but I would like to know what I did wrong here??

The same thing is happening to me…
Did you ever find out why this happened?


Exact same problem here. I’ve looked through the other posts but there doesn’t seem to be much monitoring of this forum judging by the lack of help here which is disappointing!

Guys sorry for such late reply, I am more on facebook and for some reason notifications about your posts went to my spam folder…anyway never got to handle it…but since it did not bother the mesh I moved on, never actually returned to it…might just do it one of these days and if I get it I will let you know

I also encountered this problem at first. Later I made the bottom of bin flatter and wider when adjusting the beizer curves, and then the convex hull went well.

I am having this exact same issue

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