Probably not the best for banisters! Mesh Profile deform

So I completed the challenge and made my banisters for the stairway using the profile mesh technique.
Perhaps there is a way of making the ‘ribs’ hinge so they hang down…
I might redo them for a final version as i don’t think the theme of them fits the office building.

Might have to scale it down a bit.


Would be great for a war torn area or railings in general decay :slight_smile:

These look amazing - they would work a treat in just about any survival horror game that is inside a house :sunglasses:. And could work in an FPS or 3rd person shooter where the building has some general structural damage.

Great Work :grinning:.

If you make one let me know. Ill send the mesh!

Thankyou for the generous offer :grinning:.

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