Prison Game [Unsolved]

Here si the link to my game (

It has a problem but I don’t know what’s going on

what is the problem?
are you trying to open it with google chrome? try using other browser

It’s kind of a glitch. The game starts blinking in white and I can’t play it

I’m opening it in Mozilla but I can’t play it either:

Strange behaviour,

have you tried building it again and uploading it once more?

Yes. I tried it twice. I don’t know what’s wrong? jej

would you mind sending the code that upload the text?


I didn’t found anything that seems to be wrong with your code, if you build it for your own PC does it have the same behaviour?

Yes, Same behavior. I didn’t find anything too.

hum… try to address the text Text location manually with:

void Start()
text = GetComponent<Text>();
MyState = States.cell;