Printing text to other boards

I had a few ideas to add to this game. One was adding a second board to store information useful to the player such as:

  • words they already guessed
  • how many bulls/cows each word had
  • letters the player knows are incorrect (like if you guess the word ‘phone’ and get zero bulls/cows then you know those letters are all wrong and shouldn’t bother using them again.)
    This would help keep the primary board tidy, improve the player experience (mine at least), and teach me how to print messages to the player from scratch. I tried to find a way to print messages to the screen on google but my search wasn’t successful. The only thing I managed to get working was debug messages, which didn’t work the way I expected.

Any help is appreciated,
Thank you

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I think this is an idea to come back to as it will require more advanced things that are taught later. However what do you mean by your second bullet point? That’s already done.

I just mean that the second terminal would only be cleared when a new game is started. That way you don’t have to manually keep track of what words you guessed and how many bulls/cows each word had. With only the one terminal, we need to clear the screen after each guess to keep it tidy and readable. Is there a way to make the terminal larger? I think I could make it work with that.

Yes, in the components list. make the Cube bigger, increase the size of the text on the TextRender, and then increase MaxLines on the Terminal.

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