Pretty big ipch file



Hello Community,
I just wanted to commit recent changes as shown in this lecture. SourceTree warned me because the ipch file from the new added class is way bigger than 10 MB. I had a google search and found out that its necessary for InteliSense. Now I dont know if I may delete it or not.
Do you guys know about that file? May I delete this file without getting into trouble?




I just ran into the same issue. Sourcetree complains about a large ipch file.
Besides that I modified my gitignore from
*.VC.db -> .VC.db

Not sure if that’s right, but as it’s also a database file I assume it might be ok to also ignore.
Any info on that would be great.


I think IPCH stands for Intellisense Pre-Compiled Header. Visual Studio uses it to speed up Intellisense, and will rebuild it as necessary.

So you can exclude it delete it and/or exclude it from version control. I just wouldn’t delete it while Visual Studio’s got the project open.