Preferences lost :(

After finishing this course, I started the geometry nodes course and the first video of instruction I reset my preferences like the instructor did and then I realized I just lost all the settings I had changed throughout this course.

I know that @Grant_Abbitt walked us through setting up a few add ons during this course, and I can’t remember what they are. Does anyone know? What about other settings we might have changed, can anyone remember?

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You are good to go if you don’t miss anything in your workflow. :wink:

But one of the most common add-ons are the:

  • Node wrangler - For a fast setup of materials
  • Rigify - Armature rigs
  • 3D-Print toolbox - When you are modeling for 3D printable objects

You can walk trough the list and activate add-ons to try them out.
But it will increase the Blender complexity. Some add-ons are just a simplification of Blender commands. My advice is to be sparse with add-ons!
Learn Blender first, then look for optimisation of your workflow using add-ons.

Have fun!


Yes I suspect we all fall into two camps. Those that set things up the way we like them and that may get changed over time too with use and doing extra aspects of Blender, and those who mess it all up to fit the task in hand! :rofl: (guess which camp I am in)

I am not aware of any way to save a set up and reload it after saving a different one as the main start up file. Someone more able might?

I hated that Stephen messed up the lay out and not even in a way I would in the same circumstances.
I made new tabs so as to keep the mash up away from my main set up tabs. Not that that helps you now.

The tabs can be deleted and new ones of the standard configuration re-added. Which might be a better starting point.


A few things I can add here.

You’ll probably want Grant’s personal favourite: Auto-Mirror =)

Not sure if this was done in the low-poly course, but another important thing I found in my notes is to check Edit–>Preferences–>System and ensure you have GPU selected for Cycles rendering. No reason to leave that to the CPU if you start playing with Cycles in the future.

You can back up both the user preferences and the startup file (which appears to be where any workspace changes are saved) so this doesn’t happen again. In your OS, click Start, type %appdata% into the search bar and press enter. From there, go to Blender Foundation–>Blender–>[your Blender version]–>config, then copy startup.blend and userpref.blend and paste them somewhere you have easy access to them. Restore the backups just by reversing this process.

Fortunately, this is actually quite easy to do using a combination of restoring backups as mentioned above, and setting your startup file. Just set up the workspaces and any starting meshes you want, then click File–>Defaults–>Save Startup File, and the next time you open Blender, that’s what will appear. When you want to change this startup file, you can either set that up manually and save over the old startup file, or you can restore your backup - whichever is more convenient based on how many changes you would have to make. And if you’re going to restore backups frequently, you can always make a shortcut to the config folder where these files are used. Now we know which camp I’m in (though I certainly wouldn’t say I’m more able, lol) XD

Enjoy the course!


Various EEVEE and Cycles settings I use, based on the courses and online resources.






And yes, I save the default file as a regular blend file too.


Never mind Node Wrangler, you’re going to need an Add-On Wrangler soon XD

Nice list; I’ll have to explore these when I get into more advanced stuff =)

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The ones I use most are Auto-Mirror, Loop Tools, Node Wrangler and Rigify.

3D-print is great to repair broken meshes & to fix non-manifold objects.


thank you everyone for the help!

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