PPE - Protective suit in a hazardous environment

Just a glimpse of my entry for the …

Just to confuse the other participants a bit about things to come. Have fun and stick to your plan. :wink:


Ohhh, can’t wait to see this finished. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Working on environmental props. And working in Eevee.
I have a love-hate relation with Eevee.
They say it’s fast, but I’m working on scenes where Eevee took 15min to render.
Then you dive into the Eevee technical specs and learn that Eevee is fast, but at a cost.
Also here you need to fiddle with samples, add shadow specs, knowing how Eevee does its magic.
But here we are, a barrel. The UV-Map can be cleaner, but I’m on a tight schedule here!


To be honest, I’ve closed this project. I think my final PPE entry is ready. Adding more will overdo it. But I’m not showing it yet. So I was just playing with different concepts. Like this one. I need to add clouds and some blue halo. But I have no clue what’s the story here. “Barrels in space”? … Miss Piggy - Pigs in space …

Have fun and go render something.


Another part of the composition. I will be using white leaves. The color version has too many details and it’s distracting the shape.
This PPE project is more about composition and lighting then mesh modelling and texturing.
I try to tell a story using some design and composition rules. Like “Rule of thirds”, “Triangles”, “Viewers guidance”.


This will be my final entry. Using Eevee as the engine. Working in a dark environment. Still I’m using 7 lights.
Everything is done in Blender, using cell refraction add-on, using the sculpt tools, armature, simple (basic) mesh shapes and texture painting. Only the human arm was an old project of mine.

I tried to follow some composition rules, like “Rule of Thirds”. And triangles / * Lines* to guide the viewer to the subject.
But then what is the subject, what is the story. Although the idea is not new.
You need a protective suit for something dangerous. But then how to show danger … And why are you going to the dangers? So here three aspects a suit, a rare flower and poisonous environment.

First I thought to use radiation. But how to show radiation. Maybe heat, but heat is red. And I didn’t like that. So it became green and poison.


Wow, FedPete! So imaginative!


Holy smokes! You really brought your A game this week, FedPete!



Great job really got to the subject as I imagined it could be used.
Great ‘glows’ and ‘fog’ making the searchlight beam show up well. Is the whole scene bathed in the ‘fog’ or more specifically restricted?
Bit cumbersome suit though practically speaking.

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I used the fog for technical reasons. To minimize the use of a background.
But most of all to emphasize the need for a PPE. Which then I also could use for a searchlight, to make lines to guide the viewer.
I tried also to add triangles of interest. Like the arms and the lake, head and barrels. The left wall pipe (nearly invisible) to point to the flower. Even the arm, hand bone, points to some where.
Details not to much. But only on specific spaces, like the head, the flower or the barrel dent (smokish).

The suite was very basic, because my first idea was to make use of the Steam punk style. So I needed something big, to add al sorts of tooling, pipes, etc. But I abandoned it quickly, due to the massive texture (uv-mapping) time consuming approach.

And yes, I could add more details, but those weren’t essential to the story.