Power Mode: Visual Studio


basically, as the tittle says. it is really cool you totally feel the “code power” :smiley:

you could also go to Extensions manager in visual studio then choose online and search for “Power Mode” you should be able to find there too.


I like it :smiley:


:smile_cat: :sunglasses:

I am not sure if it will eventually make me mad but at this point its fantastic!

Thanks for the share.


hehe… that’s quite entertaining… quite the angry coder, be nice if there was a passive version where-by little hearts or butterflies flew up from the text… :wink:


Just a thought . . . how would I remove it? :confused:


Tools / extensions?


Head in the sand :flushed: I looked there twice and didn’t see it!

I guess staying up all night watching the vote may affect the quality of my code today :blush:

Cheers Rob


hehe, no worries @Paul_Land, I was about to take a screen shot for you to make it a tab easier, but was still waiting for VS to open and then forgot!


Keeping it for a while though. Makes me feel powerful :triumph:


Does the screen wobble like the animated gif above when you type? If so I think I would need to down a few Kwells before using it :slight_smile: be nice if it were configurable, puffs of smoke coming off of the cursor would be kinda neat…


It wobbles a bit yes. I’m an old school techy and don’t touch type so I spend 50/50 looking at the screen and keyboard when I type with my 2 fingers and 2 thumbs :slight_smile:

It’s not to annoying atm. I tell you in a day or so if i’m still using it.


I thought the fact that you had already asked how you can uninstall it @Paul_Land painted a very good picture!

I think I would worry that productivity would drop as I would spend most of my time watching the pretty effects…

dim graphicalPrettiness as Integer = 0
dim productivityOfRob as Integer = 10
dim iteration as Integer = 0
for iteration = 0 to productivityOfRob
    productivityOfRob -= 1
    if productivityOfRob <= 5 then
    end if

/ashamed that that is the most code I have written in quite a while!
/more ashamed that I don’t even remember if it would work! :smiley:


lol, very good :slight_smile:


Okay, I concede. 10 minutes was enough when things got serious!



ROTFL @Paul_Land