[Potential Problem] Ball Lagging in Video, Level_02

Please let me know if you guys are seeing something else, but when Ben, at 3:55 in the video, wiggles the paddle, the ball becomes disconnected, as he showed in earlier videos and fixed. Question: Am I not really seeing what I think I am, or do we have to change Script Execution Order in each Scene we create? I use Unity 4.6.9f1, as was loaded at the beginning of the lectures.

Thank you.

When he was demonstrating how to change execution order of the scripts and using the controls in that window he flopped them back around to the incorrect order at the end and that problem with the ball lagging persisted.

Hi Trevor,

the script execution order is a setting at project level. That means, once you set it, it’s valid for all scenes.

Why do we see the lag between paddle and ball? I assume Ben recorded the video without the script execution order. Later, he noticed the ball lagging, corrected it and edited it into the recording. But by that time, he recorded some more videos, where the lag is still there.

PS. please mark this question as solved.

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