Potential alternative to save some calculation

Instead of the GetPathLength solution presented in the video, I found a potential alternative that might have the benefit of eliminating some unnecessary calculations.

I created a method named PathIsTooLong instead:

      private bool PathIsTooLong(NavMeshPath path)
         // start calculating path length from my current position
         Vector3 currentWaypoint = transform.position;
         float length = 0;
         // cycle through path corners
         foreach (Vector3 nextCorner in path.corners)
            // add the distance from my current position to the next corner
            length += Vector3.Distance(currentWaypoint, nextCorner);

            // if length is longer than the max path length, don't bother caclculating further
            if (length > maxPathLength) return true;
            // otherwise, update my current waypoint to the corner
            currentWaypoint = nextCorner;
         // if I've made it this far, the path is NOT too long
         return false;

Then, back in the calling method RaycastNavMesh, my final check is simply this:

         // if complete path to target is too long, return false
         if (PathIsTooLong(path)) return false;

This approach bails before subsequent corner-to-corner distance calculations if the path length is already longer than the specified max.

Please let me know if anyone sees potential problems with this alternative.


Given how close up our camera view is to the player, there is probably not that much of an optimization to bother (unless you’ve got some zig-zag lining, like they do for queuing up at an airport or other waiting line). Apart from that it’s a good approach. I like it.

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