Posture for drawing with the arm

I’v been drawing swords and axes using a drawing tablet (didn’t have paper in the house and wanted to get started asap). I’m finding that I’m unable to draw straight lines unless it’s a few cm so that I can do it from the wrist. What is the correct posture to draw from the shoulder? Do I need to rest my elbow on a table and let it slide over the table, or is the whole arm ‘free floating’? Do I position my upper body slightly backward/straight up so that my arm is straight, or bend forward so that the arm is bent too? Am I overthinking this :slight_smile: ?


That might help you a bit. This is for general pen and paper drawing.

I have been having the same struggle. My confident lines don’t end up where I necessarily want them. Maybe it’s just a practice thing? But I have been overthinking it about as much as you have lol.

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Very helpful thanks.

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yes it does vary and its not always the case that you draw from the shoulder just as much as possible. When using a tablet ideally you will have it on a stable surface and you arms will be away from the canvas/screen.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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